Avantel Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030 and 2035

Avantel Share Price Target: In this article, you will read about Avantel Share Price Target prediction for this year’s end and the upcoming years 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, and 2035.

By the end of this article, you may get an idea about Avantel, and the expected share price target. We will do the analysis and predict whether the stock is best for long-term investment or not.

Avantel Overview:

Avantel Private Limited is an Indian Company. Avantel was founded on 30 May 1990. Avantel Private Limited designs development and manufactures electronic communication satellite communication software products and services. It deals with strategic sector  space, Aerospace, Railway And defense.

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Avantel Private Limited Client list:

  1. Indian Army
  2. Indian Railway
  3. Indian Air Force
  4. Indian Navy
  5. ISRO
  6. DRDO
  7. Goa CPR
  8. The Boieng company
  9. L&T

Avantel Shareholders:

  • Retail and Others. 59.90%
  • Promoters. 40.10%

Fundamentals of Avantel:

The market cap of Avantel is ₹1792.49 crore. The number of shares is 8.11 crore. And Promoter’s Holding is 40.1%. From the table below, you can get to know about the Price of the earnings Ratio (P/E), BOOK VALUE, Price to book (P/B), and many more like Dividend yield.

Market Cap₹1792.49 crore
Enterprise Value₹1819.38 crore
No. of share8.11 crore
Face value2
Dividend Yield0.02%
Book Value14.87
Debt ₹27.90 crore
Profit growth (1 year)56.62%
Sales growth47.00%
Cash₹1.01 crore
Debt to Equity0.25
Promoter’s Holding40.1%
Operating Profit Margin32.07%

Avantel Share Price NSE/BSE:

Avantel Shares were listed in the (NSE) National Stock Exchange and (BSE) Bombay Stock Exchange.

Avantel shares on NSE are currently trading at around 116.30, each as of December 2023. Avantel shares on BSE are currently trading at 114.50 INR INR.

Avantel 5 years Cash Flow statement:

Profit from operations 12.3413.0118.5023.6439.93
Adjustment 2.012.353.844.689.53
Changes in Assets & Liabilities -7.58-9.9225.84-54.25-36.48
Tax Paid -2.56-2.40-3.53-3.97-8.53
Operating Cash Flow 4.213.0444.65-29.904.45
Investing Cash Flow -0.510.02-41.6819.65-12.66
Financing Cash Flow -4-2.98-2.559.468.21
Net Cash Flow -0.300.080.43-0.800

Avantel Expected Share Price Target:

Years1st Target2nd Target

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Avantel Share Price Target 2024:

On the analysis we will get to know the Avantel share price target by 2024, the minimum price range of 120, and the maximum share price of 200.  This range of amounts is based on the strategies of the company.

Avantel Share Price Target 2024 As Follows:

YearTarget 1Target 2

Avantel Share Price Target 2025:

The expected minimum range of Avantel share price target in 2025 is 205, and the maximum share price target is 310.

Avantel Share Price Target 2025 As Follows:

YearTarget 1Target 2

Avantel Share Price Target 2027:

The expected minimum range of Avantel share price target in 2027 is 400, and the maximum share price target is 485.

Avantel Share Price Target 2027 As Follows:

YearTarget 1Target 2

Avantel Share Price Target 2030:

Looking ahead to 2030 the expected minimum price range for Avantel shares is 715, and the maximum price range is 800.

Avantel Share Price Target 2030 As Follows:

YearTarget 1Target 2

Avantel Share Price Target 2035:

By the year 2035, the expected minimum range of Avantel share price is 1100, and the maximum price range is 1200.

YearTarget 1Target 2


I hope you got clarity on the Avantel Share Price Target from 2024 to 2035. This is just the prediction, You need to analyze the graph to get an idea.


Dear people, we would like to inform you that we are not authorized by SEBI. The share price target for Avantel is provided for educational and informational purposes only. The price predictions will only be valid when the market sign is positive. We do not recommend anyone to buy, sell, or hold any stock. Investors should make their analysis or take suggestions from their financial advisers/experts before making any investments.


1. What is the Avantel Share Price Target for 2024?

A: The expected price target for Avantel in 2024 is 120 to 200 per share.

2. What is the Avantel Share Price Target for 2025?

A: The expected price target for Avantel in 2025 is 205 to 310 per share.

3. What is the Avantel Share Price Target for 2030?

A: The expected price target for Avantel in 2030 is 715 to 800 per share.

4. What is the Market Cap of Avantel?

A: The Market Cap of Avantel is ₹1792.49 crore.

5. What is the PE and PB ratio of Avantel?

A: The PE and PB ratios of Avantel is 53.2 and 14.87 as of 12 Dec ‘23

Hello readers. I am Esha, the author of this blog. Through this platform, I provide comprehensive insights into share price targets and the stock market.

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